Guide for Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts for the many

Glacial Erratics-Boulders found throughout Massachusetts

"Rockachusetts." An Explorer's Guide to Amazing Boulders of Massachusetts: New destinations and fun-filled adventures for individuals, couples or the entire family. Over 328 pages of photographs, maps, GPS coordinates, directions, along with historical backdrop, direct hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to some of the most astonishing glacial boulders, balanced or perched rocks that have been scattered throughout the now forested landscape for centuries. Chapters contain photographs, GPS coordinates, descriptions, history, directions, maps, and additional information. Parking GPS coordinates can be used in any GPS unit for turn for turn directions to locations to or near trailheads. Destination GPS coordinates have become essential in allowing pre-navigational reconnoitering terrain in many programs such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Garmin, National Geographic Topographical maps.

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Western, Central, North & South Shore, the Cape and Martha's Vineyard

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